The backstory

Over the past few months, I have been approached by many entrepreneurs and employees in the adventure travel industry, wanting me to work with them one-on-one on their marketing (something I've been doing for many years).

I love working with people in the adventure travel industry, as it's where I have the most experience and can provide the most value, but my bandwidth in the first half of 2018 is limited: I'm currently focused on ramping up Sacred Rides' new Getaways program, planning two Mastermind Adventures events in 2018, and carving out as much time as possible for my wife and kids and my own adventures.

But I love helping people and I love working with other people in the adventure travel industry, so...


In 2016 and 2017, I attended a number of high-end entrepreneurial conferences, such as Mastermind Talks and Baby Bathwater Institute. I also started or joined several entrepreneurial/coaching groups (such as Strategic Coach). The relationships and network that developed as a result of joining these communities has been invaluable, and have massively ramped up my success on many levels. 

The constant throughout these various networks has been the power of community. Not only have I learned a ton from the facilitators in these communities, but I've learned as much - if not more - from other members. The friendships and relationships have endured, and have provided me with a rich fountain of fulfilment and assistance whenever I need it.

The power of community is the motivation behind this latest initiative, a mastermind group and course for the adventure travel industry - focused on marketing.

What You'll get

  • An intensive, deep-dive weekend in Toronto to kickstart your learning and give you an opportunity to connect and bond with your fellow masterminds in person
  • Eight biweekly 3-hour sessions, via live webinar, each focused on a different marketing topic
  • Guest speakers who are well-known experts in their fields
  • Resources and tools to help you with every aspect of your marketing, such as my 33-point content marketing checklist that will double your organic traffic (or more) when followed
  • Access to a private Facebook group for members, where I'll share additional resources and where you can connect with your fellow masterminds
  • Membership in a lifelong community of fellow adventure travel entrepreneurs and ninjas


WHAT YOU WOn't get

  • Swamped with a bunch of complicated stuff that stresses you out (I focus on easy, meaningful actions that will make the biggest impact on your marketing)
  • Outdated material or theory: everything that I present is stuff that I've tested (and measured, and am still testing and measuring) in my own businesses
  • A waste of $: I back this experience with a full money-back guarantee - if by session 5, you haven't seen meaningful progress and gains in your marketing, I'll give you a full refund (and you can keep all of the tools and handouts I've given you).


My goal is to ensure you get at least a 10X return on your investment.

i.e. $25,000 CAD/$20,000 USD in new revenue by the end of the course - directly attributable to the tactics and techniques I ask you to apply in your business

I'm limiting enrolment in this initial group to just 12 people.

Read on to find out about the specifics.



The process kicks off with a 2-day deep-dive intensive in Toronto (my hometown). I'll get to know you and your challenges, you'll get to know your fellow marketing ninjas, and we'll dive right into the material.


(NOTE: the intensive starts at 9:30 am on Feb. 24, and wraps up at 4:00 pm on Feb. 25. Lunch will be served both days. Breakfast, dinner and accommodation are your responsibility.)


We'll continue the learning and implementation with 8 biweekly sessions, via group webinar. 

11am-2pm EST, biweekly starting March 8:

March 8 | March 22 | Apr. 5 | Apr. 19
May 3 | May 24* | May 31 | June 15

*moved from May 17 as I'll be away

The sessions will be recorded so if you have to miss a session you'll be able to catch up (the sessions are very interactive so do your best to attend every one!)

Each session comes with (simple) tools and resources to help you implement the techniques in your own business.




  • Branding and positioning
  • Identifying and finding your dream customers
  • How to measure and test your marketing
  • Google Analytics: the 4 simple dashboards you need to set up to tell you what's working
  • Content marketing: how to write new content - and update old content - so it ranks on page one and brings your ideal customers to your website for years to come
  • Facebook advertising: how to stop donating money to Mark Zuckerberg and how to get real results
  • Referral marketing: killer strategies to get your customers to market for you
  • Partnerships and joint ventures: how to leverage partners' (bigger) channels to reach your target audience
  • Email marketing: set up auto campaigns that get opened and that convert
  • Lead generation and conversion: set up your website to generate tons of leads, and then convert the s!@# out of them

Each topic we cover will come with handouts, resources, and/or videos that you can follow at home/in the office. Again, my goal is to make this easy for you, so content is kept minimal and not overwhelming, and the focus is on easy, simple actions you can take to supercharge your marketing and build on your existing strengths. 

who is this for?

Business owners in the adventure travel industry who are looking to take their business to the next level and have experience with the marketing aspect of their business.

Marketing directors in the adventure travel industry.

√ Those who want to either implement these marketing techniques themselves, or want to build their knowledge base in order to better manage staff and guide marketing strategy.

√ Those who play well with others

√ Those who seek to provide value to others



I want to be clear: I'm not some marketing genius who has built five $100MM companies. I've had a lot of hard lessons and failures in my 21+ years as an entrepreneur. There are a lot of aspects of running a business I truly suck at.

But I am, without sounding too braggy, a damn good marketer. It's where I've focused the majority of my learning and my time in my companies. 

Speaking of... these are some of the things I've done:




ready to join us?

There are just 12 spots available for the Feb. 2018 mastermind.

NOTE: THE First 4 people to sign up will get a free 1-hour private consultation with me (a $300 value)