I love working with entrepreneurs.

Especially social entrepreneurs - people who are using business as a means for changing the world for the better. 

As Dean of Social Entrepreneurship, a role that ended in March 2015, I worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, all striving to make change in the world while making money. Success in the world of entrepreneurship is no easy feat, especially if your business also carries a social mandate that can often hinder profitability, but for those who can balance growth and social good, it's a compelling model: a for-profit business has the ability to quickly scale; profits can be re-invested into growth, and a for-profit has the ability to raise capital that a non-profit doesn't.

There's a tremendous amount of innovation in the world of social entrepreneurship these days, both in terms of business models and new financing tools (crowdfunding, community bonds, patient capital, and so much more!). I continue to be blessed to be surrounded by some of the brightest minds in social entrepreneurship at CSI, and to work with so many amazing people.

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