The tools below are all in Google Sheet or Google Doc format, and they are view only. Which means you can't use them as is - you have to make your own copy that you can edit.

To do that, follow these three simple steps (I'll assume you have a Google account):

  1. Click on the link below for the relevant tool to open it in a new window
  2. Click 'File' -> 'Make a Copy'
  3. Give the document a new name (e.g. 'Larissa's Execution Mastery Tool') and save it to your Google Drive.
Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 6.45.30 AM.png


This Google sheet contains everything you need to start mastering the art of business execution.

THE SOLOPRENEUR VERSION: For solo entrepreneurs, it blends personal and business goals into a single system. [GET IT]

THE TEAM VERSION: the team version works for a core management team of up to 4 people, but feel free to update it for more people if you like (and if you do, could you send me a copy?)  [GET IT]

After you've downloaded the tool, watch the videos below to learn how to use the tool (click the fullscreen icon at the bottom right of each video to view it in fullscreen mode):

Execution Mastery Tool explained, part 1

Execution Mastery Tool explained, part 2

Execution Mastery Tool explained, part 3

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BUSINESS PLAYBOOK: The playbook is like a big table of contents that links to all of the most important procedures, documents, and templates for your business. [GET IT]

SAMPLE PROCEDURE DOC: This is the suggested format for outlining the most important regular procedures in your business. Use this as your base template and create a new one for each procedure. [GET IT]

Shout out to Dan Martell for introducing this to me (via Mastermind Talks)